This is a resource for Math 132-finite math students.  Although I will give examples for the TI-83 series calculators, most of the newer graphing calculators have similar features.  I selected the TI-83 because it has many statistical features and is relatively low priced.
Good News:  Many of the problems in this course can be solved on a calculator.
Bad News:  Many of the problems require more than a "just plug in the number" approach.
I will require that problems have to be "setup" and "solved" by hand on the midterm and the final.  i.e.  Show your work.  A good understanding of your calculator will significantly help your understanding and accuracy of each problem.
Yes, you can use a calculator on all tests and quizzes.  I will....
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TI-83 PLUS the newest in the TI-83 series.  It contains all of the features in the TI-83 and more.   The main new feature is Flash Ram which allows expandable memory and programming features.  It is about $5 more than the TI-83.

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